Price60,00 €

Diameter - 22

Height - 3



Material: oak.

Finish: linseed oil.


Food safe.

Hand wash. Do not wash in dishwasher.

Every single object is original and unique due to the specificity of handwork. There are distinctive features like forms, little cracks and roughness, tone intensity, which are inevitably related to natural materials.

Wipe with a towel after washing. Not suitable for liquids storage. If necessary the cover can be refreshed by wiping the surface with a cloth moistened with linseed oil.

The «North» collection includes basic tableware and accessories. There are concise shapes and simple colors that suit any interior decoration style. Textures from this collection («Snow», «Ice» and «Frost») are inspired by the smooth surface of fresh snow and sharp ice crystals. While creating this collection, we have been thinking about all the common images, related to North: polar days and nights, snowstorms, reindeers, cold seas and dense forests, northern lights, folk songs, shamanistic dances, creaking snow underfoot.